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When it feels like you really need some time to revitalize and recharge, a treat-yourself spa day is probably in order. For your next at-home spa day, ditch the harsh chemicals and go for organic products with non-toxic ingredients that will nourish your natural beauty. Organic products come from nature and are much safer than their chemical alternatives, giving you peace of mind knowing that what you are applying to your skin is safe and beneficial.

If you’re looking to take relaxation to the next level, try including some aromatherapy in the spa. Incorporating extracted essential oils from herbs like lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus can be wonderful for relaxation and easy breathing. And as a plus, you can feel free to experiment with different scents and choose those you like best. The oils can be incorporated into the products you already use, or you can add them to a diffuser or humidifier to fill the air with the aroma for a real spa-like atmosphere.

So grab a cocktail and some magazines and ease into a nice self-care spa day with these ideas from us at Key Glam:

Kick Back with a Hot Foot Soak

What We Used:

Sea Mineral Foot Soak Formulary55 Eucalyptus and Peppermint

Formulary 55 – Sea Mineral Foot Soak – Eucalyptus & Peppermint – $7

Ceramic & Beechwood Foot Scrubber – $13

Hot Water

Apply a Face Mask with Fresh Chilled Cucumbers

What We Used:

Honey Belle – DIY Detox Mask – Coconut Rose with Kaolin Clay, Hibiscus, & Beetroot – $16

Any wide makeup brush

Cucumbers from the backyard sliced then cooled in the fridge

Nourish Your Hair & Body with Oils

What We Used:

The Innate Life Rose Elixir

The Innate Life – Rose Hair Elixir with Over 15 Organic Oils

Badger Damascus Rose Body Oil with Lavender and Chamomile

A careful curator, you can find Tiffany studying the ingredients in sections labeled organic, eco-friendly, clean, and vegan. She believes that — much like you are what you eat — you are what you put on your skin, since your body absorbs these ingredients as well. As an animal lover, gardener, and nature enthusiast, Tiffany tries to find beauty and inspiration in her everyday surroundings, from a stunning butterfly floating from flower to flower, to a red cardinal perched in a snow-capped pine. Although eco-beauty is her passion, you might catch her playing with her looks from time to time and exploring new trending products and hairstyles. In 2020, Tiffany joined forces with Serena to co-found KeyGlam with the hope of sharing natural beauty tips and insights for every body.