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When you think about how much time we spend sleeping, it makes sense to invest in a quality pillow. Fortunately for us beauty enthusiasts, today’s pillow options go way beyond traditional cotton, as silk, satin, bamboo, and charcoal pillows are gaining in popularity. We know it can be hard to tell the differences between each type, which is why the KeyGlam team is here to break down the unique features and beauty benefits of silk, satin, bamboo & charcoal pillows.

silk white pillow fabric

Silk Pillows

Unlike almost all of the other fabrics on the pillow market, silk is 100% made-by-nature as a pure animal protein fiber. A pillow made from this incredibly soft and highly breathable material can be a fantastic choice for those seeking a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. In terms of beauty benefits, people have been resting their heads on silk pillows for centuries to help protect their hair and keep it looking great. Silk produces little to no static (unlike cotton and other materials), which means you can avoid frizz buildup as you sleep. Even better, the extremely low friction of silk means your pillow has much less chance of gripping and pulling out hairs or eyelashes while you sleep. The biggest downside to silk pillows is their high cost, since true silk can only be sourced from nature. If you’re looking for a more affordable solution that still gives you many of the same benefits, consider a silk pillowcase to throw on top of your existing pillow (assuming that doesn’t need replacing too).

satin pink pillow fabric

Satin Pillows

Satin actually refers to a style of weaving that is used to create a glossy, luscious looking and feeling fabric. Satin is a man-made product, and most satin pillows are made using a combination of fabrics, most common being polyester and nylon. Satin looks similar to silk, and it offers many of the same beauty benefits — both are extremely gentle on the skin because they are extremely soft, which also means less chance of hair or eyelashes tugging against your pillow and less risk of frizz. If it comes down to a choice between Silk or Satin, we would almost always go with Silk (budget permitting) because it’s the completely natural option.

Woman Hugging Bamboo Pillow in Pale Blue

Bamboo Fiber Pillows

Bamboo fiber pillows are growing in popularity, and they can be a great option for those who want a memory foam pillow made from more natural fabrics. These pillows feature a casing made out of a woven fabric derived from bamboo pulp, often in combination with other natural or synthetic threads. Most bamboo fiber pillows are considered sustainable because bamboo itself is a fast growing crop that easily breaks back down into organic matter. A bamboo pillow’s main benefit is its ability to absorb moisture and heat while offering improved airflow compared to cotton, which can help give you a cooler night’s sleep. Although many bamboo pillows will advertise themselves as being “antimicrobial” we should note that scientific studies on the subject have been inconclusive. And keep in mind that, although they may seem like a 100% natural pillow option, almost all of the ones you find will contain synthetic fabrics.

charcoal foam pillow and cover

Charcoal Pillows

One of the newcomers to hit the shelves of the memory foam pillow aisle, charcoal pillows are made from a variety of fabrics that are infused with bamboo charcoal (made from heating bamboo), and they offer some unique benefits. Most notably, charcoal infused pillows have natural antibacterial properties, as well as moisture and odor absorbing qualities. Like bamboo pillows, charcoal pillows are great for those who sleep hot since they both offer good air circulation. Some of the higher-end charcoal pillow options even feature an outer layer of cooling gel that allows it to stay extra cool. Many charcoal pillows are made from bamboo fibers as well, which can give you the combined benefits of both options.

Which Type of Pillow Is Best? 

There is no such thing as the perfect pillow, because each person is unique and dozens of factors play into what makes for a comfortable sleep. With that in mind, you should feel free to explore different pillow options to find one that gives you the benefits and comfort you’re seeking. Our favorite overall is silk because it comes from nature unlike some of the other options intermingled with synthetic threads. There are depictions of silk worms thought to be 6000 to 7000 years old so this method has been used for beauty rest since centuries ago which why we think it’s tried and trusted the best option overall. Finally, you can always feel free to get creative — so if you want to combine a charcoal infused bamboo pillow with a beauty Silk pillowcase we say go for it!

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