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Want to try to color up your hair without the long-term commitment? Colored hair masks are a great temporary solution to try out that hair color you’ve been wanting to test without the permanent obligation. Color depositing hair masks give almost instant results which also help nourish and deep condition your hair. Keep in mind, the pigment will vary depending on your current hair color, the lighter your current hair is, you have more opportunities to try out a larger variety of vibrant colors. If your hair is currently darker, there are still a wide selection of options to try out from more vibrant darker blues to burgundy. Below is one of our favorite colored hair mask brands we recommend you try.

Moroccanoil Color Depositing Hair Masks

Price: $7 (1 oz.)  – $28 (6 oz.)

Benefits: Enhances colors, deep conditions, temporary results

Ingredients: Hair Mask Ingredients Here

Color Results: Color Results Here

There are currently 7 different colors you can choose from – Cocoa, Bordeaux, Rose Gold, Platinum, Champagne, Hibiscus and Aquamarine. One of the best benefits of Moroccanoil, if you are new to colored hair masks, is you can actually order a trial size for $7 which is a 1 oz., if you like the color you can commit and buy the next size up, $28 which is a 6 oz.

This easy-to-use mask can give you a new style within a few minutes. We recommend not washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner first since that can strip your hair of oils that can help the pigment stick to. Once you’re ready, simply start with clean, towel dried hair and spread the product throughout your hair in small sections, leave the product in from 5-7 minutes and rise out as normal, style as usual. The color will usually last around 10 washes so re-apply as necessary. Keep in mind, like with any product, you should test a small patch first to get a sense of pigment, coverage and any skin sensitivity you may have.

We found a limited-edition Care Meets Color kits at Sephora starting at $25, as a great starter kit which includes a comb, color depositing mask, dry shampoo and hair oil treatment.  Moroccanoil is overall a great brand that truly understands how to nourish and promote healthy hair which is why their newest addition of colored pigment masks is a must try.

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