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At KeyGlam, we believe everybody should celebrate their unique beauty, and what better way than with a selfie? You’ve probably noticed that certain conditions make for better photos than others, and oftentimes it might seem like your pictures just won’t turn out the way you want, no matter how much you try. Fortunately we’re here to help cover the basics about how to take better selfies, so that your true beauty can really shine in front of the camera.

Lighting Is Everything

Photography is lighting, plain and simple. That’s why it’s no surprise that great lighting typically makes for great pictures. So, the next time you want to strike a pose, take a look around at the lighting situation and follow a few basic tips:

  • If you’re taking photos outside, the final “twilight” hour right before it gets dark usually makes for optimal conditions. Plus you can stick around to capture some great shots at sunset. If the light is so bright that you have to squint, try rotating around so you don’t have to stare directly into it.
  • If shooting inside at day time, try using natural light as your main light source by facing yourself toward a window or other source of sunlight. Just be careful because if the light coming in is too strong, it can result in dramatic shadows that may not be the most flattering.
  • If you’re taking a selfie indoors at night time, beware of relying on overhead lights because oftentimes taking a picture with top-down lights will result in shadows around the eyes and nose. When it comes to indoor selfies, it’s super important to find a well lit room. You can also try positioning yourself near a white wall or other shiny surface, which can reflect the room’s light and help pump up the glam factor. We recommend avoiding the use of your flash unless you have no other lighting options.
  • Whether shooting outside or indoors, it’s always a good idea to scroll through your filters. A lot of times indoor shots at night can appear orange, but there’s usually an easy fix by slapping on a blue-heavy filter to help balance things out. The opposite idea can apply when taking selfies under the sun.

If you really want to step your selfie game up and go for a real professional look, you might want to invest in one of these awesome Mini Smart Phone Lights or even a Ring Light

Zoom Is Your Friend

A ton of smartphones have introduced wide angle cameras over recent years. Although using a wide angle lens can make for awesome hiking shots or sunsets, we strongly advise against using them for selfies. In basic terms, lenses that are more “wide” (or zoomed out) typically make people’s faces look less flattering and more distorted. Check out this gif to see a great demonstration of this idea in action. So instead of using the normal or wide setting on your phone or camera, try instead zooming in slightly. You’ll probably find that this gives your selfies a more flattering quality. 

Strike a Pose

In addition to using good lighting and avoiding a wide angle lens, there’s also several basic strategies that can help you take better selfies. First, keep in mind that even slight changes in how you position the camera can have dramatic results. So play around with how you hold your camera to see what looks best — maybe that standard eye level shot could be spiced up by trying for a high or low angle instead. And as we said before, a selfie should be a celebration so be sure to channel that positive energy through positive body language and good posture. Feel free to develop your own personal poses and always have fun. Here’s a great article that offers some inspiration for different types of selfies.

What Are Your Tips for the Perfect Selfie?

Are you the selfie queen or king of your group of friends? Have any more killer tips for taking awesome glam shots? We want to hear from the KeyGlam readers out there — share your tips, strategies, or even product recommendations for how to take the best looking selfies every time.

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