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Avril Organic Eye Pencils

We love that the Avril organic eye pencil is made from certified organic products and can be used for double duty on both the eyes and the brows. Avril offers a great selection of natural-looking colors, and we especially love Châtain Clair (which is perfect for blondes), Brun (which is great for brunettes) and Noir Charbon (which is a staple for black or dark brown brows). These liners glide on smooth and last all day, they seem to be water-resistant, and they don’t wash off easily, though we wouldn’t say they are smudge-proof, as they can sometimes smear.

Overall, the Avril organic eye pencil is a great option for those looking for an organic and all natural eye pencil that doesn’t break the bank. Being able to use this for both brows and eyes not only saves you money, it also saves space in your makeup bag. We suggest trying this one out for yourself since it’s inexpensive and wears nicely all day. 

Avril Organics is a French company that is less well-known in the United States, carrying a wide range of beauty products, and this eye pencil is a favorite of ours at KeyGlam. We really like how the company supports using certified organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, clean energy sourcing, and also planting trees. If you’ve used Avril’s Organic Eye Pencil then we’d love to hear how you like it! Let us know in the comments below.

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