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Switching to clean beauty can be hard to navigate with all of the different options available. From labels like paraben-free, vegan, natural, organic etc. it can be tough to know which have the best ingredients and which will also perform well so you can be more well informed in making your purchase. It is always a good choice to opt for more natural alternatives especially when it comes to polish since traditional nail polishes contain many harsh chemicals and toxic fumes.

Non-toxic nail polish has really grown in recent years which is great to see. While there used to be few options in the clean beauty space of nail polishes to select from now there are more and more as natural alternatives grow in popularity. With all these great choices we no longer have to compromise on the product’s performance when going toxic-free. Our beauty team gathered the top 5 nail polish brands we love and we broke down why these are the best to try out in your next mani-pedi.

5. Best Color Selection: Sundays Nail Colour

Sundays polish comes in stunning pastel shades we love. You may see 3-free on the packaging which means the product is free of 3 common chemical toxins however this polish is a whopping 10-free, a very clean alternative. We like the simplicity of the bottle and packaging as well. While this polish is on the expensive side is a perfect non-toxic option to try out. They also have nail salons you can visit if you are in the New York area where you can get a manicure or pedicure with these polishes and test them out.

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4. Best on a Budget: Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish

If you’re looking for inexpensive nail polish, Piggy Polish is a great option. The nail polish bottles come in a great array of colorful sets and are perfect for kids as well. Much better than the chemical alternatives for little ones. This brand is also available at many major retailers like Target making it easy to shop and avoid shipping costs if you have one nearby, making it the best budget-friendly toxin-free option.

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3. Best Ingredients: 100% Pure Creamy Polish

While this polish only comes in a few color choices, it still makes the list despite the lack of options because of its quality ingredients. This 10-free product is made without parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and toluene, which have been linked to health issues like skin irritations, organ toxicity, and more. Clean up your beauty routine and give this nail lacquer a try at only $14 a bottle it is a bit pricey but won’t break the bank.

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2. Best Drugstore: Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. Nail Color

The Sally Hansen brand has long been known in the nail care industry and this polish is a great option with a cleaner ingredient list than many other drugstore polish options on the market. Affordable and easy to find are the main benefits we think of when considering drugstore beauty and this nail color has both. It is perfect for the shopper who is new to clean beauty or just looking for a quick better nail polish option to snag at the store. Try it out, no fuss required, plus lots of great hues to test out.

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Zoya Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brand

1. Best Overall: Zoya Nail Lacquer

Zoya is our pick for the best overall brand with so many great shades it is hard to choose! This lacquer has it all, inexpensive, non-toxic, long-lasting and endless color options that only grow each season with new shades. We love their mini sets too, which allow customers to try out a bunch of different shades affordably.

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