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COOLA Classic Face Organic Sunscreen SPF 50

Sun protection is key to keeping the skin looking youthful and sunspot-free. This sunscreen has 50 SPF which guards the skin against damaging UVA/UVB rays. It glides on smooth and has a great consistency, not leaving the skin feeling sticky or white streaks. It feels very light on the skin but does leave it looking a bit shiny so would suggest you apply a finishing powder if you prefer a matte look. For a bit more coverage, you can also use this as a base and layer your makeup over it to have a hidden defense underneath your flawless foundation. Fragrance-free the scent is not bothersome in the least, which is great for all day wear. Our favorite part is the ingredients: organic and packed with nourishing oils and floral extracts for the skin. The first ingredient (which is always what the product contains the most of) is aloe which relieves sunburns plus keeps skin clear and hydrated among other numerous benefits. One caveat, is that although this is a sport version, it does wear off from sweat or swimming so you might need to reapply during these activities to stay sun safe. Of all of the organic sunscreens we tested this was our favorite for everyday wear. We suggest you try it out for yourself to protect your skin from damaging sunlight while nourishing your skin with premium organic ingredients.

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