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The Innate Life - Rose Hair Elixir

This little bottle goes a long way as only 1-2 drops are needed per application. This hair elixir helps to hydrate your strands with a mix of 15 different organic oils. We use this to protect our locks against split ends, frizz and dryness. We’ve noticed if you apply more than a few drops your hair will get oily but in moderation it seals your hair with a healthy shine. It smells amazing, like fresh roses, but the fragrance does wear off after about 4 hours or so. We love this product as it works instantly to restore moisture to the hair and protect it from heat and sun all day long. The ingredients are premium organic grade and include great oils to nourish the hair like argan and jojoba. A thirty milliliter bottle currently costs $32 so is a bit pricey but since it lasts a long time we think its a good value. If you are looking for an organic way to treat dry hair or prevent split ends, we highly suggest trying this product. As you can see from the photos, we loved this hair oil so much its almost all used up!

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A careful curator, you can find Tiffany studying the ingredients in sections labeled organic, eco-friendly, clean, and vegan. She believes that — much like you are what you eat — you are what you put on your skin, since your body absorbs these ingredients as well. As an animal lover, gardener, and nature enthusiast, Tiffany tries to find beauty and inspiration in her everyday surroundings, from a stunning butterfly floating from flower to flower, to a red cardinal perched in a snow-capped pine. Although eco-beauty is her passion, you might catch her playing with her looks from time to time and exploring new trending products and hairstyles. In 2020, Tiffany joined forces with Serena to co-found KeyGlam with the hope of sharing natural beauty tips and insights for every body.