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Peeling Nails

If you’re one of the many who has opted to embrace your natural nails, you may have dealt with peeling. Using harsh chemical treatments or removing acrylic or gel nails can all expedite the damage to your nails that causes peeling to occur. We know the struggle is real, but the good news is that a few basic steps at your fingertips can help revitalize damaged nails and avoid peeling from ever happening again. The KeyGlam team took a deep dive into the causes and solutions to help you discover ways to prevent this from happening to your nails in the future.

Be Gentle on Your Nails

Like most problems, preventing peeling nails starts by first understanding the root causes. Peeling nails is typically a sign that they aren’t completely healthy. So do your fingertips a favor and try to routinely give them time to heal by taking a break from nail polish, gel manicures, acrylic tips, and any nail products that contain harsh substances. We recommend scheduling your manicures at least two weeks apart (and pedicures at least three) to help promote healthy growth and stability. In between appointments, you should still keep your fingernails neatly trimmed to help avoid any snagging, which can also contribute to peeling. 

If you’re someone who bites your nails or picks your cuticles, we strongly urge you to find a way to stop because these habits can damage nails and eventually lead to peeling. You should also resist the urge to peel or chip your nail polish, since that can remove healthy layers along with it. When it comes to cleaning away nail polish in a healthy way, we recommend using removers that are acetone-free. And when using a nail file, be sure to file in one direction to help prevent your nails from splitting. It might also be a good idea to switch to a nail file with a smoother (or less course) grit.

Use Moisturizer to Protect Your Nails

The number-one cause of peeling nails is a lack of moisture. Once you understand this, you can help keep your natural nails strong and hydrated to help prevent peeling by applying a moisturizer to your hands and nails on a regular basis. If you’re looking for extra hydration, you might want to consider a cuticle cream. We love Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme because it’s made of all natural ingredients and comes from a brand we trust. Although moisture is your friend, we don’t recommend giving your fingers and nails extensive exposure to water, because this can actually contribute to peeling over time. That’s why we suggest using gloves when doing the dishes or using cleaning ingredients around the house.

How Do You Keep Your Nails Healthy?

Have you conquered peeling nails? We want to hear from the KeyGlam readers out there about your nail care routines. How do you help prevent peeling nails, or how you’ve treated this in the past? Share your favorite products and practices in the comments below!

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